Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring Banquet

This is the group of friends I went with to the spring banquet, I went with that girl to my right. She seemed to be nervous I was going to wear something ridiculous, but I didn't. I gave kylie some flowers that I tried to match with her dress, I knew she likes eating with chop sticks so I gave her some of those too, and also a poem. I don't really remember what the poem said but basically it went like this....

I don't really know because of when I wrote this
But I am pretty sure I do know
That you look beautiful tonight
I can't really know yet
But from what I know
I had a good time tonight. How about you?
and so on....

The guys

It was a very hot day, all day in classes we where dying, the professor let us remove our ties. Then we had the banquet with suit coats and everything. After the banquet we made plans to go swimming in the cold water.

The man in the middle Bob Grey, My favorite guy on campus. Owen, Pez, and I have a weekly meetings with him. He tells us crazy stories, gives us some discipleship, and we have a good time just chatting.

Mark and his wife Amy, Kylie and myself

Overall it was a really good time. Owen won the Most Adventurous award beating me by about 13% of the votes, however he called me up and gave me some recognition. Then Owen, Kyle, Will, and I got to give out the "Best Mustache" award. We all wore goofy fake mustaches, I made mine out of pine needles. We tried to convince the winner (Eric Johnson) to let us shave off his mustache on stage in front of everyone, but he would allow it.

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