Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Formosan Rock Macaque (Kaohsiung Monkeys) | 台灣高雄獼猴

Monkey Mom and Baby Eating Lychee

Formosan Rock Macaque are the only native primates living in Taiwan. This species of monkey is only found in Taiwan. They are often found in Kaohsiung, Taiwan at Chai Mountain (柴山), which is commonly refereed to as "Monkey Mountain by local forefingers who don't speak Chinese).


高雄柴山的猴子 Kaohsiung, Taiwan Monkeys
This is definitely one of the coolest places to visit in Kaohsiung. I will be enjoying myself taking pictures of the monkeys in one area, take my eye away from my camera and notice two or three sitting at my feet.


Often you will see many infant monkeys nursing or playing wildly with the other young monkeys in the trees.


This is one of my favorite places to go because you're in the city one moment and the next your on a mountain full of monkeys looking at the ocean.


How to Get There? 怎麼去?

If you plan on visiting, I would suggest going to the park next to the Kaohsiung City Zoo, laid out in the map above. You can enter at the first location marked, then start hiking up the trail where the red marker on the map is located. Within a couple minutes into this trail you will often see many monkeys.

怎麼去呢? 我推薦你去高雄市壽山動物園旁邊的公園,看上面的地圖,第一個標記是公園的入口,第二個標記是小道入口,那裏常常看到很多猴子。

Things to Look Out For. 注意!

The monkeys in general will not bother you unless they think you have a tasty treat, then they will fight you for it. I suggest if you go to visit them not to bring any drinks, food or plastic bags.


There is a zoo near this location, and you can often see the monkeys sneaking into the cages of the other animals and stealing their food.


高雄柴山的猴子 Kaohsiung, Taiwan Monkeys