Thursday, September 15, 2016

Largest Typhoon of 2016 hits Taiwan - 颱風莫蘭蒂

Typhoon Meranti Kaohsiung Port Ship Wrecks

Its been a year since we moved to Taiwan. A Typhoon greeted us last year just as we were settling in and this year, another one arrived the first week of school to welcome us back to Kaohsiung. 

Typhoon Meranti was the most powerful storm we've seen since living here.

Typhoon Meranti Kaohsiung Port Ship Wrecks

Because its located on the coast, there was a lot of damage near our school, National Sun Yat-Sen University. This afternoon, one day after Meranti hit, we drove there to take some pictures of the ships that washed up. When we got there, we could smell the fumes coming from the wreckage. The photo above is of a boat trying to manage the oil leaking from the boats.

Typhoon Meranti Kaohsiung Port Ship Wrecks

Below is an aerial shot we found online of the wreckage.

We also found this video of the typhoon destroying  Kaohsiung Harbor's shipping yard.