Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bible Club - Baaaa

 First get your sheep hair. 2nd get your Sheep face...?

Then we were herded in by our shepherd and sheep dogs.
 Then we played some help us look more like sheep.

Abel then led us in some sheep songs.

Lilly taught us about God and her experiences.
 I caught a few sleepers

Speaking for Chapel Time

Man to Man Fall Term

Man to Man is a time once a month when all the guys can get together to learn about God and be guys. Jacob led us in some "new" old songs.
After that we entered into a fierce match of arm wrestling. America vs Taiwan. For some reason the brackets caused the 2 Americans to battle it out in the first round. But we prevailed.

Actually America didn't win. This guy did.
I then shared from God's Word with the guys about having Integrity.

Jacob and I then introduced them to some good old American Root Beer Floats. However we had no root beer. I saw Taiwanese using strawberry and chocolate ice-cream mixed into their coke floats.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

SYME Fun Day

We spent the day out of classes teaching English, to go spend some time on bikes having fun and seeing new places

The days have been getting cooler, so it was a very enjoyable time with minimal sweating, compared to earlier in the summer.

We still enjoyed having Chapel time hearing Dora's testimony and Seo's message fromt he Bible.

We then played a bunch of silly games. After our activities everyone was free to explore and ride their bikes around. We walked acrossed a big dam to an earthquake memorial. Still in ruins is a fallen bridge. (photo below)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SYME Friend Day Summer 2011

I know this blog post is a little late. I have been really busy trying to do other things. But I have finally gotten around to giving you the update of the last day of SYME from last term.

We started out with Jimmy and Rebecca introducing who comes up next well also being our humor.

Anne Marie directed the Choir as they same beautifully for all to enjoy.

Wei Wei shared her testimony as Jessica C. translated.
We proceeded that with a skit about light.
Gail, from Korea, led us in learning a Bible verse.

The director of SYME Taiwan, shared with us from God's Word while Nikki translated for about 100+ people to hear. Many who have never heard the Gospel message before.
To finish things off was a term of happy hands, which I directed and taught.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SYME Reunion

I made the invitation for the SYME reunion. It was fun working on something different from just trying to make photos look beautiful. This will be the first SYME Taiwan reunion from the past 3 years. (Click on the photo to enlarge it)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back at the Market

I haven't hit the night market in a while. But decided to head over the Feng Jia. Every-time I go with new students they want me to eat stinky tofu. Even though I told them I have eaten 5 times already, they are never convinced. So once again I ate the stinky tofu. The photo to the left is a student and our Korean Intern buying some Pig's Blood.