Thursday, December 31, 2009

Modern Skatepark "Fossil Night"

December 30th I headed out to hang out with my Friend David one last time before going back to school. I tried to get a sick crew of guys to go to the skatepark, which we did, but it was a small sick crew. Rolling out there with me was David Tanner and Doug Tuls. I grew up skating with David. I met doug and his wife/family at college, and skated with him a little bit last year. All 3 of us are a little rusty, from busyness and doug from old age. (he still can skate a mini ramp better then me...) The park wasn't too crowded like last time, we skated the Fossil Night session 9-midnight. I didn't land anything big, just having a good time skating. I am really rusty on hand rails, so I made sure I did about 20 bs boardslides to make sure I still have it in me. There was a few guys that I kinda knew from k-zoo and J-town. It was a good time skating with everyone. Check out some photos from our session, and if you don't believe me that Doug can skate, we got the pix to prove it.

David Tanner - fs 5-0

Dale Nolan (me) - fs Lipslide

Doug - fs Disaster

Doug - bs Disaster

Doug - Blunt to pivot fakie

Left - Me - bs 50-50
Right - Dave - fs 50-50
Last time we didn't pull this off, but this time, with about 6 tries we managed to land the trick, doing 50-50s toward each other dropping in as we are about to hit. Good Times doing doubles

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Frozen in a Picture"

"Frozen in a Picture"

If everything was to stop
Frozen in time
No more moving forward
Just past left to dine
How would I find you?
Where would you be?
If it was a picture
Would I be ashamed?
I want to move forward
To show you the future
Everything stopped
If it turned to words
How would I read?
“I, me, fame, self glory?”
No, not me, please.
What about my family
Oh and of course Christ
What about Christ?
How I know about salvation
About being justified
Freely by grace
Through the redemption in Christ
How I…Kept it to myself
Afraid to live at His cost?
Please can we move forward?
I see what I missed!
Your time is frozen
It is all lost.

Dale Nolan Jr. Special Invite Chaos Christmas Party

The Dale Nolan Jr. Special Invite Chaos Christmas Party

Party Rules: Must wear Ugly sweater, participate in all events, bring a gift exchange, and have lots of fun.

Once everyone arrived we went out for some ugly sweater shopping. I think we picked out about 20 sweaters for Kati, before she decided which one to buy. 2 Excellent sweaters for Kati, one with original price tag for $52, only $6 at Salvation Army.

After the shopping ended, came the gift exchange. Rules of the gift exchange, draw a number from the hat, go around room in sequential order according to your number, what you pick you get, (not all objects in gifts can you take home), open gift, have fun finding what's inside because for the rest of the party you are required to wear you presents, as a necklace, hat, etc.

Kaliegh was the lucky winner of my gift. Package included an original Japanese house coat, Authentic Arby's Employer work hat with pins and a name tag that read "Dale", a arm brace, and a starfish. All objects except for the hat could she keep.

Kaliegh sporting her new gift.

Kati Torres, got a broken accordion, that weighs a ton, sadly I think Rebecca gave the best gift, with the accordion and lemons. Hopefully next year I can regain my title.

After the gift exchange, was Arts and Crafts. Same craft as last year, we made paper snowflakes to fit the winter season.

Some of us need a little more practice.

This is one of my personal original snowflakes hand crafted by Dale Nolan Jr. himself. I will be selling it for $2...any takers? It was supposed to have a city scene on the outer edges with kinda a sun shinning on the buildings, but it reminds me of Taco Bell for some reason.

The day ended short of more events as we ran out of time due to other events happening later that day, sadly there was no sledding, or snowmen made this year...

Christmas with the Nolan Family

Our family celebrates Christmas 3 times, once with my parents, brother and sister. Then once with the Nolan side, and once with the Boller (Mom's side) side.

Kim and I choose the decorating for the tree this year.  5 Boxes of Colored lights, Red, Blue and Gold Plastic Bulb Ornaments, Long golden necklace like thingy, little golden sparkly twirly sticks, poking out of the tree, and to top it off with the angel on top.

The night before I wrapped all my gifts, and stuffed the stockings with everything I could find around the house from, tea bags to rocks and food seasoning.

Christmas morning came with as much excitement as always. I had no idea what I was going to get this year, most years I just buy myself a skateboard deck for someone to give to me, but not this year. I got a couple flannels and some other clothing objects, and some money to go towards my new Camera.

From left to right: Kurtis, Dale (me), Dad, Mom, Kim, Diana and her husband Mike.

Thanks to Mike for the photo check out his photography at Black Ties Photo

Monday, December 21, 2009

What If... All Athletes were treated like skateboarders

Have you ever wondered what this world would be like, if all athletes were treated like skateboarders? I understand, in some circumstances the problem with skateboarding. However skateboarders are being treated like criminals. Little kids are being taken away in cop cars for what you ask? Not for destroying property, I have seen kids put in headlocks for skateboarding down the sidewalk, and respectfully ask the police officer what they are getting tickets for. Here are some videos to portray what it would be like if other athletes where treated like skateboarders.
(I don't want you to get confused, I respect police, but not when they abuse their authority, I understand in some instances getting tickets for destroying property, but lots of times it is taken way to far.)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rodney Mullen Interview

Tony Hawk interviews Rodney Mullen on Shred or Die. Rodney Mullen talks about his switch from regular to goofy, and getting threw an injury.

Modern Skatepark

Wednesday night, I went to Modern Skate Park with David and Jonathan Tanner, Jon's girlfriend and sister, and my brother who took the photo's.

Left - David
Right - Me (Dale)

Me - bs 50-50
Kurtis took photos outisde the window as we skated inside, the park was really crowded. We skated 9-11pm, for half off, during fossil night. There was a lot of old timers, I hope I can still skate like they do at their age.

Me - fs air, to bad a hung up on this on.

Modern is a pretty nice park, the mini ramp is very good, the transitions are nice. The street course isn't the greatest, but they have a nice 4ft mini and a 6ft mini, and a 12ft half pipe. The also have a really gnarly bowl, with pool coping in the deep end.

David and I did some team skating, I would bs 50-50 towards David doing a fs 50-50, trying to both drop in as we ran into each other basically. David wasn't pulling through, but he did have the harder trick...

David and I colliding, trying to skate the mini at the same time.

Kim comes Home

This Last Monday, we went to the airport to pick up my sister Kim, from her flight from florida.

Kurtis and Diana, pretending to be bored waiting for Kim to arrive.

We took Kim's Dog Tyler to greet Kim when she arrived

Tyler's first time on a moving sidewalk. He was a little confused how it works.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A video featuring Brian Sumner, Steve Cab, Christian Hosoi and many other skaters showing their love for skating, while representing Christ. Only $15 or you can buy a Brian Sumner Pro Model Deck  from and get the DVD for free. Sadly there isn't that much skating in the video, it is mostly Brian Sumner talking.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowman Limbo

It wasn't long before the snowman we built a few days ago started to lean over, and melt. Every hour he keep tilting further and further back. So I got a great Idea! Which required building more snowmen...

Construction started around 4:30 and went until 7:30, about 3 hours.

Dad is getting a little worn out from all the work

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Blizzard is in town!

We received a lot of snow last night. Well not to much, we only have like a foot of snow, that might be a lot for some of you, but it is a normal thing in Western Michigan. It has been snowing all day. Some of you when you see snow panic, and cancel school, stay inside all day hiding in your bomb sheltered basement as if there was a monster outside. However us from the North, find it a perfect thing to have a little fun. Kurtis (my brother) and I set out, in all our high tech heating equipment, got the shoveling done and then it was time to play. We rolled left and right, back and forth, up and down, rolling and rolling the snowball as it slowly is getting bigger and bigger. We decided to display our snowman out in front this time, instead of in the back yard down the hill, so we had to push our snowballs back up the hill, which isn't an easy thing. Then we finally finished our product, with an appropriate outfit to fit the view of the golf course in our backyard. (more photos below)

The Photo on the Left is our last years creation. Our snowman wasn't as big, but we didn't have as much help as last time either.

Check out the World's Largest snowman!