Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pintung Tropical Agriculture Expo

Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo

We had a fun trip out to the Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo. The whole thing was free, unless walking one block is too far for you, you could always pay for parking. It features many beautiful and perfectly placed flowers.

The main path you will walk down is a man made tunnel that has many different vegetables forced to grow around the tunnel and hang down over your head. This tunnel was way longer then I expected but I enjoyed the whole thing, even though that was so bare spots that didn't grow very well. All around the tunnel was plenty of food and other activities for children to enjoy.
Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo

One of the coolest pieces on display was a field of four differently colored rice plants that were strategically placed to form this beautiful picture. The picture is sponsored by a company called Pili that is famous for their traditional puppet TV shows which the rice is designed to resemble.