Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kickflip Tailslide

I've been trying to land a kickflip front tail on and off for five years now. Finally I started landing them on a normal height ledge about two weeks ago. Then I decided to take it down the hubba...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Photo Re-edit from 2010

Left: Re-edit                                                       Right: First edit in 2010

I've recently been looking through old photos, for memories and as part of a project to put together a website. I decided to try to re-edit some old photos that I originally edited terribly. The problem with this is I only have a single jpg file and destroyed the original photo in the process of doing the first edit. One of the many mistakes I made when I was first learning photography. Not long after this photo I started shooting only in RAW and started saving the original files un-touched.

This photo was one of the easier ones to do a re-edit on because it was mostly color that was off. Which photoshop can make up new colors and put color in that didn't exist. However a lot of my other photos I did stupid fake blurs and such which can't be undone. I believe the original edit was done in iPhoto (on the right). I wish I could just go back and re-due the whole photo though the only thing I did do right with this was the way I composed it.