Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Taiwan Bound: Moving Out

We just moved completely out of our home. It was a very sad and exciting moment. Seeing our house completely empty and lifeless was hard but knowing that we are on our way to Taiwan makes it all worth it.

Anne Marie played Sunday morning for the last time. She enjoyed this last memory with the band and close friends from our church.

We will be in Michigan for three weeks and then Ohio for two weeks before we are sent off to Taiwan!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last Day at First Glance Skatepark

Last Tuesday we celebrated my last day with First Glance Skatepark Ministry. It was a fun relaxing time just to be with everyone one more time before I leave Akron, OH. It was definitely a bittersweet time, skating hard with everyone but knowing it was the last time I would see a lot of these faces or at least for a long time.

We had a little farewell time and all the guys prayed for me. They gave me a departing gift that had all the signatures of that skaters that were there on the bottom of the deck with my favorite brand of trucks and wheels. I'll be using the trucks and wheels but I'll hang onto that board with their signatures!

Jeremy DePace made a Farwell video for me. I didn't realize he did this but am so glad he did. It really means a lot to me seeing all these faces in this video that I have spent time with almost every week and almost every day for some of them. Thanks for the video!

FYI: There was kind of a joke that got started tonight, the kids in this video refer to me in a way that isn't very nice but its all a joke, they don't really think of me that way....I hope. :)

Normally when the park closes at 10pm I'm eager to shut the doors and leave. However this last session I didn't want to end. I stayed at the park till 11:30pm skating with one of my favorite dudes Isaiah Jones and Joe Simpson. There was one trick I really wanted to do before the night was over and they stayed there and pushed me to get it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 2015 Newsletter

Monday, June 8, 2015

Garage Sale

Anne Marie and I are doing a lot to prepare for moving to Taiwan. It has been an emotional process going through all our belongings and having to determine if we bring it with us, store it, or sell it. All of those questions are answered through determining if the item is sentimental, how big it is, how much money is it worth, how easily we can replace it, etc. This process would be complete different as a single guy but being married adds whole new layer to the process.

We tried to pack up everything we wanted to get rid of and even a lot of stuff that we will be taking with us. We are now living off of plastic plates and forks. Our house has a strange feel to it with its emptiness in most rooms now.

There was a flea market at our friends house. So we packed our car three times to drive stuff over. We started at 5am and went till 3pm. We didn't make a huge profit but it was still something. Everything we couldn't sell, we are donating or giving to Anne Marie's parents for their garage sale.