Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taking the Stairs

I have decided to start talking the stairs during the week. Not that I am out of shape or am trying to stay in shape exactly. Each weekend when I go skate my legs are too stiff. I figure if I start using the stairs during the week I could keep my legs more stretched, build up some muscle and endurance. Take the 10th Floor challenge...!
155 Steps both ways.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SYME Summer Testimonies

Testimony Thing I made for SYME:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sun Moon Lake - Taiwan

 We traveled out to Sun Moon Lake after going to Rainbow Village in the Morning. Jake got sick taking the gondola...actually we never took the gondola. Sun Moon Lake is a very famous/touristy area. Our Student Ryan asked us to go about 2 hours before we left for this all day trip.

The day started out a little rainy and foggy. We were going to rent bikes but they wouldn't let us in the rain.

We took a boat across the lake to a little town on the other side.

Pokemon Tower?

Scooter in the problem, just pull out the umbrella.

 The town has a history of aboriginals, so there is many aboriginal like things for sale.

This is a Christian church, it was built by Chang Kai Shek.

We then went to a German Opera with a Taiwanese Orchestra which our friends friend was performing in.

Afterwords they asked us to stack our chairs. We had the tallest chair stacking tower there...

Pool Party


I'm working on some videos and plan on start doing a lot more of them. Hopefully some will be up in the next couple of weeks. Some will just be of fun things and others showing around Taiwan and things at SYME.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rainbow Village - Taichung, Taiwan

I stumbled a crossed Rainbow Village on the internet, finding out it was in Taiwan near my home. I knew nothing about it but wanted to go see what I saw in the pictures online.

This is the home of the man who did all the paintings. He is currently 88 years old. We were able to go into his home and talk with him. In the photo below he gives me one of his paintings of a rabbit. From my understanding he doesn't sell any of his paintings, he just loves what he does. He lives in a small room that could barely fit us in while we talked.

We needed a translator to help us understand what he was saying. In Chinese he said I know a little English, "Good Morning" and "Mornin" mean the same thing. He then told us about being from Hong Kong. He pulled out a book of photos of Jackie Chan (photo above) because Jackie Chan is from Hong Kong. He then showed us a letter that he wrote to send to Hong Kong. "I still write to people in Hong Kong, he is a letter I am going to send."

As we continued to talk we found out he goes to a church down the road every Sunday. I wish I could have talked to him much longer but we had to leave. We stopped by and saw his church on the way out which also had paintings all over it.