Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sun Moon Lake - Taiwan

 We traveled out to Sun Moon Lake after going to Rainbow Village in the Morning. Jake got sick taking the gondola...actually we never took the gondola. Sun Moon Lake is a very famous/touristy area. Our Student Ryan asked us to go about 2 hours before we left for this all day trip.

The day started out a little rainy and foggy. We were going to rent bikes but they wouldn't let us in the rain.

We took a boat across the lake to a little town on the other side.

Pokemon Tower?

Scooter in the problem, just pull out the umbrella.

 The town has a history of aboriginals, so there is many aboriginal like things for sale.

This is a Christian church, it was built by Chang Kai Shek.

We then went to a German Opera with a Taiwanese Orchestra which our friends friend was performing in.

Afterwords they asked us to stack our chairs. We had the tallest chair stacking tower there...


  1. nice dude! you should like number your pics so i can tell you what ones i really like. and mad prop points yo for the tallest chair tower!

  2. haha thanks Kyle. Jake and I found the TM Cut while there. We can now get through bushes.