Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Katori"s World: Abandoned Theme Park - Taiwan

Once again I made a voyage to find Katoli's World. I knew exactly where it was on a map. The last time I accidently found a different abandoned theme park.
When we reached the top there wasn't anything but this run down house, temple and an empty parking lot. But I knew this wasn't the end, according to my map we needed to keep walking.

I read rumors of the place being torn down, but I wanted to see for myself. (I had no photo evidence). According to the sign (photo left) Katori's World was torn down 1 year ago.

This is all that remains. Just an empty patch of dirt.

Not to far away, we could see a hill of houses. They all looked very abandoned. Some houses where completely over grown in green shrubbery.
This home is not abandoned though it does appear that way. Many places in Taiwan look as though no one occupies it, but be careful exploring because you might be in invading someone's property.
After walking down this path to reach the houses, we arrived at a gate, with a guard out front. I went to take a picture, but the guard stopped me from doing so. A few seconds later another man showed up to have tea with us. He told us the company lost a lot of money and couldn't build the houses anymore. among talking about other things. After drinking tea with the stranger we moved on.

Using an umbrella to give buddha shade.
This is another little abandoned area, but not much to see here.


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