Monday, November 30, 2009


I am back home for about a month on Christmas break, school has been going great for me, I ended with about a 2.5 a little higher then that but I like to round. Because of my grades I will be in required study hours next quarter. So that should boost them back up, and clear me form study hours in the spring quarter.

I rode home with my friend Josh and brother Kurtis, taking a 13 hour drive from Pottersville, NY to Kalamazoo, MI. Everything went fine going through Canada.

Thanks Giving was great I did eat as much as I hoped too. It is just kinda hard more me to stuff my self with food these days.

Then saturday I went to K-Zoo Skate Zoo with David Tanner and Chris Blok. It was so nice to get back on my board and skate like that. We did a little warming up on the spine ramp, then headed over to skate the step up gap and the hubbas. We ended up doing a little game of skate kinda, more like everyone trying to get the same trick and then the first person to get the trick sets the next trick, but you don't do the next trick until you get the first trick. It was just a little friendly completely unorganized competition. Nothing to insane happened with all 3 of us lacking skating in a while. We pulled out the kicker making a 4ft gap, I got a kickflip over after to many tries than it should have taken. Same with David and His heelflip. I later got a 360 flip across it and Chris was coming close to a nice fs big spin but could never pull it away.

After the Skating we headed out to David's new house, in Grand Rapids. It is a beautiful house with plenty of room for a mini in the back yard. We had a great time hanging out there. Finding out that the skatepark in the area was torn down for some reason?

Monday, is today, and I am sitting here on my couch with not much to say, but I type my life away. I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out. I can't really do much talking verbally, but on the computer is nice to talk, without pouring flood gates of drool down my face. My mouth feels great, I can't feel a thing. I think they did a good Job.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bike Wars!!!

At the WOLBI campus an out break of bike wars has begun. Chaos and mutilation have come about to everyones bikes. No one is safe. The all out brutal war has begun. First it started as a simple kick of the bike knocking it on the ground from under its kickstand. However fatalities have now arisen with all out destruction on the land. How has it elevated to this level, who is doing this kind of thing, and does the administration know about this? All this questions and more will be answered if you continue to read...
2009 Oct 30th Dale and Owen Threw Kyle Paradises bike into a pine tree, later that night at 9:03, Dale's bike was found in the same location. As I removed my bike from the tree from the lame uncreative retaliation, things began to progression. Later on in the week, Owen and I put Kyle's bike up into a tree next to Council Hall. Everyone could see it as they walked into class. It was up there for about a week as Kyle dealt punishment on his victims. In reply we put Gun-Joo's bike on top of his bike in the tree. Many more bike kicking and throwing went on the next few weeks.
As the fun progressed to pain and hate, almost undoubtedly every time you took a step outside you would have to search for you bike, and untangle it from a tree of other bikes. The war raged on threw the cold frosted mornings. Bikes being found  frozen in Schroon Lake, you never know if you would find a bike hidden under your clothes in the dryer, or if you would have to climb to the top of buildings risking electrocution from power lines and the fatal fall to your death to recover what you use to know and love as a thing of peace and connection between friends, riding your bike around the city block, with the wind blowing in your face, laughing and playing, singing songs with the other neighbor hood kid, is all now long forgotten as the battle rages on. Alliances being made and broken, the chaos continues. Now across the campus as I look out my window all I can see is fire and smoke, people screaming, laying on the ground with a sprocket wedged into their stomach, the sound of crushing metal in the garbage disposal screeches through the dinning hall, cars driving furiously crashing into the bike racks mutilating the metal of unrecognizable bikes, tires are flying every where, people are forming gangs, bike protection fees being paid to the mafia, and in all the noise and fear students sit quietly in study hours waiting for 9:00 to strike so they can reap havoc on poor souls.
Is this the WOLBI campus you once knew? What has come to our school? Who is going to stop this? Can anyone feel safe anymore? As of right now, my bike is off-campus, thrown somewhere they I don't know with my front tire slashed. I have made an alliance as of today, by one of the most feared Bike Warriors. He is going to bring me to the location of my bike, and I am going to restore his bike, and now two of the greatest forces have joined together against the rest! Let the Bike Wars Begin!...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Superbowl Rodchester

My original ministry was going to be a superbowl jammer but I wanted to do an individual ministry with skateboarding. I got my wish, however I still wanted to go out on a couple of superbowls so last friday I went to Rodchester and next weekend I go to Albany. We left campus at 12:30, I road over with the jammers and kinda helped out as if I was a jammer. At the Rally after the hockey game, they put me on the red team prop team with Owen Walsh who was kinda lead the red prop team. We basically got all the props for the games set up, and then were in charge of helping out with the games in the stands and throwing prizes out into the crowd. From the Rally there was 40 kids who accept Christ as their savior.

After the rally the jammers went to the sports complex, it was a huge building with indoor turf, soccer fields, a bunch of inflatables, basketball, and much more. I mostly played baga-ball all night, with a russian accent. It fooled a few people some thought we were German. Then we played this game we like to call Kill-ball just because it feels like you are going to die when you play the game, or kill someone by accident. Basically you are in a round inflatable, with four goals that extend out of the circle in a little down slant, it looks like a round bounce house thing when you first see it. Owen, Kyle Paradise and I jumped in to play, realizing that this bounce house is a crazy game of dodge ball. Kids are hitting other kids in the face from 7 feet away. We were doing awesome just defending our goal from the dodgeballs getting in, until I got hit in the face falling backwards into my goal. Once you fall into the goal it is hard to get up especially when there is another person in there with you, seeing as the goal is on a downward incline. As you lay trying to get out, you keep feeling the stinging feeling of balls hitting your face, knocking you back down into the goal. Then there was these little girls about 12 years old maybe, they hated me and I don't know why, maybe it was the Russian accent, maybe it was because they thought I was cute. Then one girl looked at me and told me she didn't like me. They keep throwing dodgeball at us, I would return the favor, but I was being nice and didn't want to hurt them like we were the guys, but they were definitely more scary then any of the guys in there. It was such a blast, overall it was pretty fun, and not to painful except for the knee to Owen's head probably hurt pretty good.

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Deck!

I got a new skateboard deck, Special edition Jamie Thomas Archangel Gold Deck 7.5. The original art on the board is done by C. Martin a famous french artist. The board portrays an angel crushing a dragon under his feet. The graphic is gold shinny holographic like. I was told by a friend I should hang it up on my wall, but what good would that be? I can't wait to skate it!