Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mark and Amy's Wedding

The wedding went great. I think Mark and I where the last ones to arrive at the church out of the wedding party. Once we finally got dressed in our suits I think the reality of the whole thing started to set in, and the nerves/excitement started flowing for us (mainly Mark). Everything went perfectly for the wedding. We were concerned knowing that the Civil War reenactment was going on in cascades park at 2, right when the wedding started. However Inside you could hardly hear any cannons or gun shots going off, unless you really tried to listen for it. I had a lot of fun, I feel really privileged for being able to be apart of the wedding.

After the Wedding
After the wedding, I went out with Paige, Al, David, Kurtis (my brother), Erica, and Justin. We got some ice cream and hung out watching a movie. Then me and David headed out to go skating. We ran into a out door concert, it was $10 to get in so we listened from the other side of the river for a little bit, then back to skating. There was this spot I always wanted to skate, but never got a chance to, but this was a different night, I got to skate it and I got my wall ride on it that I've always dreamed about.

Bones STF

                                                                        I got a new set of Bones STF's. They apparently outlast all 
other wheels, having the least wear. Highly Recommended by Martin Fobes.

Launch Barn

The Day before Mark's wedding I drove into Jackson. I went to X-Riders to buy some new wheels. Martin Fobes was working. We talked and caught up on a lot of stuff. Martin is now riding flow for fallen, and is riding for Tomorrow skateboards, which he toured with a little over the summer. In the end he convinced me to buy $35 Bones Wheels and invited me out to his house to skate his ramps. His house has a better park then most cities build. Trevor Hyde, Martin Fobes, and Tyler Gonzales was there we had a fun session. Martin was doing switch kickflip bs tailslides and then struggled with doing them in his regular stance. It was awesome just being able to watch those guys skate. 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wedding Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal for Mark and Amy's wedding went great. We had a lot of fun and after words got some pizza. I enjoyed the time with my good friend, who will soon to be married. I am glad I have the privilege of being in his wedding, and having such a good friendship with him. I am so excited for his wedding, being with him through his whole relationship with Amy and seeing it develop to what it is today.

Left- Me Right- Carrie O'dell

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The day with Dave

David Tanner came out for the day, to go skate K-Zoo Skate-Zoo. After a dentist appointment and watching a skate video we headed out to skate.

At K-Zoo

Me (50-50)

Me (bs Crook Attempt)

Can't get those crooks like I use to.

David Tanner (heelflip)

I convinced David to do some lines with me. I would go first, with him following closely behind. Then off the kicker over a little gap. I think we ran into each other on the ramp twice.

Left - David Tanner
Right - Me

David Tanner (Heelflip)

Me (Kickflip)

David didn't quite have enough speed to make this one.


After the park we had to get something to eat. Thank You Arby's for your 5 for $5 roastbeef special today.

When we got home david took off his bloody sock and found a partly attached toe nail. Apparently it was from a prior skating injury, but this didn't help. The toe nail is only attached on the side of the toe.
Then we went swimming and bombed some hills. It was a great day, I miss my friends. I'm so glad I can be home and get to spend time with my family and friends.

Gou Miyagi

Gou Miyagi is a new skater out of Japan. His creative style, with weird tricks no one else has ever seen. Go Check out His interview over at slap and see his video part that got him recognized. Gou Miyagi Interview with Slap.

"I got a glimpse of the culture. I didn't understand the language, but I saw something completely different in the photos, videos, music and the graphics. I felt like these guys were also outsiders, but they're still living strong, being true to themselves" - Gou Miyagi

Monday, August 24, 2009


The time has finally come were I have graduated from the Word of Life Bible Institute. It seems like it all went by so fast. Looking (above: Kyle Paradise, Dale Nolan (me)) back at the fall quarter and looking at myself now, I definitely see a big change in my life and in the life of the friends I've made. I would encourage you to attend for at least one year and let God change your life. I will miss a lot of people, but most of the people I got close to are going to be coming back next year for the 2nd year program, which I will be attending. My Parents, Kim, Kurtis, Grandma Nolan, and my cousin Evan, came to see me graduate. After all the good byes to fellow students we left at about 1:00pm not getting home until about 3 am. I will be home for a short while, I have to fly back to be there for leadership training on the 8th. I hope to become a dorm RA, which would consist of me doing devos for about 7 guys every week, discipleship with students under me, and more responsibilities. My best friend since 7th grade is getting married this Saturday. So Wednesday I have a wedding rehearsal and Saturday is the big day. It's exciting seeing Mark W. and his relationship with Amy O. progress, and develop into what it is today. (Please pray for their marriage and the wedding ceremony)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

WOL Summer Camp

I had a great summer working on the W.O.L. Ranch as the Dish Pit Supervisor. Going into the summer I really didn't want to have to be working 40 hours a week, not getting paid, when actually I had to pay to be here. However before the summer began I decided I'm going to try to have a good attitude about it. I had two kids in my discipleship group (Paul Baker, Levi Frey). Even though I was specifically assigned to disciple them, I got many other opportunities to disciple and get involved in the lives of other teenagers. The first week of stc we had a broken leg, and a broken wrist, in which both kids got sent home. I spent the night with guy with the broken leg. At first I had tons of problems working with him in the dish room. He didn't want to stay, he wanted to leave and go home. So I just spent a couple hours talking to him trying to figure out what was wrong. The Next day he wanted me to teach him how to skateboard. As you guessed he broke his leg, after spending time with him from the ambulance ride to the hospital at 8:00pm staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning. and then being with him from 8 in the morning until his surgery, he wanted to do anything to stay and work. Sadly we had to seem him go because you can't do much work with a broken leg. It was hard to see how God could use me, I never felt adequate being a supervisor, thinking how could I be effective in these kids lives. Now that I look back I can see how I was used, and as I look back I can see how I could have done a better job. Through the summer we studied Romans, looking at Chapters 12-16, then teaching what I learned from it, to my guys every Sunday. God gave me many other ministry opportunities besides the usual. I had many opportunities to be a bandant getting to shoot blanks, and get into fights with cowboys, putting on a show for the younger campers. Then I got the chance to do a skate demo for the Rangers (the older kids), with Chris Vickery who can do some pretty amazing stuff on a bmx bike. Then the next week I got to skate again, but this time in front of everyone on the Island, but this time with Steve Wolfe, who runs a skateboard ministry in New Jersey ( So much has happened and it's so hard to remember everything right now. I wish I could tell you about it all. This weekend I graduate from the Bible Institute as a 1st year student, then will be continuing my studies into the 2nd year program. That wasn't my plan, but because of all that God has taught me and shown me how much I don't know, from this past year, I know I will learn a lot in the 2nd year program.
Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do work heartily; as for the Lord and not for men."

First Blog

This is my First Blog, I plan on working on this a lot more, getting more involved in it. So everyone back at home, and friends can see what is going on in my life for those who care. I am going to mess around with this, and once I get things the way I like, I'll be using it a lot more.