Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ice Storm Photos

The weather was getting warm, but God sent us a nice surprise Sunday afternoon. We got a load of snow and rain which then turned into ice. It looks very beautiful here in Michigan. if You would like to check out more of my photos go to my Flickr page.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Portage Skatepark

Photo by: West          Zack - Ollie Transfer
The past week was super warm, so I did as much outdoor skating as I could. Last saturday I got to skate with a bunch of super good guys, included Reliance Am and Michigan local, Deezle. The coolest thing about this crew of guys is they are all christians and probably in the top 10 best skaters in Michigan.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Backyard Screech Owl

I was woken up this morning to my dad telling me to come take a picture of an Owl. The Owl was sleeping in the rafter of our back porch deck. I was probably standing about 10ft away with the door open, when I took this photo, with our dogs running around barking. He just sat there unfazed by us for the rest of the day.

Valentines Day Skype Date

Last year someone formulate a contest to win a date with Owen Walsh and myself. After the deadline for filling out the questionnaire, Owen and I would read through the applications (not knowing the names of applicants), we chose our two favorites to take on the most crazy date they would ever experience. However since then Owen has gotten married, and I am still single.

For fun I asked my date from last year to go on a skype date with me this year along with Owen's date from last year, but my good friend Kyle would take her instead. We all downloaded the new Skype 5.0 (which is required for 6-way video chats), then went to our accounts and started our free 7-day trial for Group Video calls. Sadly after the 7-days is over, I will have to pay if I want to skype with more then one person.

Kyle and I dressed up for the occasion. We wore white shirts, black ties, red pants, and red bandanas. Kyle also had his du-rag and suspenders on. I had a trucker hat, and my long blonde hair wig on. It was fun just catching up with everyone. The 'date' wasn't as crazy as last year, but it was still a lot of fun!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bridge - Skate Church

Photo by Robert West      Deezle - ??? Grab
Last Monday I went to "The Bridge" (7200 Angling Rd., Kalamazoo, MI) with the main purpose of getting some free skating while indoors. This winter I have reached the point of not being able to (very well) on flat ground and struggling big time with my 360 flips. Despite the difficulty it was a fun time.

 I was there with about 5 other dudes skating. (normally have 10-15). The kids there are very friendly and fun to skate with, though they don't have very many ramps. (Kicker, couple low rails, and a mini-quarter thing). However it was fun having a nice smooth surface to skate on. I was told that in the summer they have more stuff to use for outdoors and just don't really have the room inside.

Robert West helps run the skate jam every week from 4-6:30. He is an amazing photographer. Check out his photos at The West Photography.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Allegan's Best Known Secret

Photo of Ronnie and the mini

Photo: by Jesse Hatfield. Edit by me
Ronnie let me in on a session at a mini ramp that a guy built in the back of his hardware store. It is a about a 5ft mini ramp with pretty mellow transition, with a 1ft extension. The Business was passed down to the son, who happened to skate.                                               I had a lot of close makes to some tricks that would have made me pretty happy. But sadly never made any of them. (Photo: Dale Nolan Jr - fs flip attempt)
Jesse Hatfield - Rock to Fakie
Jesse Hatfield, Ronnie Ewing and a couple dudes come out to skate with us. Ronnie is running a skate ministry on the west side of Michigan, mostly Allegan area, called Testify.

My own Mini-Website

Word of Life has posted up my own little missionary website section on their main website. The website shares a little bit about my ministry and my testimony. Check it out here.