Thursday, February 10, 2011

Allegan's Best Known Secret

Photo of Ronnie and the mini

Photo: by Jesse Hatfield. Edit by me
Ronnie let me in on a session at a mini ramp that a guy built in the back of his hardware store. It is a about a 5ft mini ramp with pretty mellow transition, with a 1ft extension. The Business was passed down to the son, who happened to skate.                                               I had a lot of close makes to some tricks that would have made me pretty happy. But sadly never made any of them. (Photo: Dale Nolan Jr - fs flip attempt)
Jesse Hatfield - Rock to Fakie
Jesse Hatfield, Ronnie Ewing and a couple dudes come out to skate with us. Ronnie is running a skate ministry on the west side of Michigan, mostly Allegan area, called Testify.

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