Tuesday, March 30, 2010

9 Frames per Second

The video below was made by Tilman Singer's creative imagination, cutting out the sequences from his old skateboard mag that were lying around his house. Taken from the website www.theboardmen.com

Skateboardanimation from Tilles Singer on Vimeo.

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Gossip Storm Separation"

"Gossip Storm Separation"

(This is a drawing with a poem inserted within it; these are the main words of the poem)

Blah a-hata
I hear your gossip
Gossiping sob
A call to knowledge
Lies to feed your greed
Pride yourself
Degrade someone else
A troubled word
Worth Worthlessness
Believe the lie to pass it bye to another victim in line
You oblige to destruction of others lives
Little did you know it's come back for you
Those listening to the words you say
Have a thing to say about you
Speak your lips of self
To let others hear your "greatness"
(The rest of poem is not written because it is illustrated in drawing)
They worm themselves
Gripped between you
Gossiping up the Storm of Separation

The storm in the center of the drawing is to illustrate the chaos gossip can cause. The words/letters getting jumbled in the cloud show the pointless/meaningless of the things that are talked about in gossip. The characters in the center of the drawing are drawn like worms to illustrate people worming their words into your life by way of words. The Boy and the Girl on opposite ends are to show how the people with their gossip worm their way (intentionally or not) causing others to separate/developing false accusations about the other person. Showing how gossip can tear people apart. (the ones being gossiped and the gossiper) The different details on the "Worms" is to show the different closeness to the relations of those being gossiped about. Then in return the boy and girl begin to gossip about each other. The thunderbolts illustrate the destruction gossiping about people can cause, especially to those in leadership.

Bike Repair

Will Gallison put a bike into the elevator the other night, but I needed the bike tires and some other parts off of it. Owen and I took the bike out to do some bike repairs and replaced the one in the elevator with Paul Mackey's bike. My bike still needs a lot more repairs but it rides a lot better now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bittersweet: Flushing Meadows

This past fall we lost a great skateboarding landmark called, Flushing Meadows. I had the chance to skate there 1 time and planned to go there again, however I found out before heading over to skate that the fountain was being constructed on, so that skateboarders would no longer be able to skate there. The Maloof Money Cup Competition series is now building a skatepark in flushing replicating the main attribute of Flushing Meadows grate gap/grind ledge, while bringing aspects of many famous spots around NYC. Check out this video talking about the park construction and the competition.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's a Nice Day for a Kite Fly.

Today was a super windy day, Owen and I drove to the store to buy some kites.

Owen bought the $8 Kite.

I bought the $2 Kite.

Kate ran over because she saw me in my distress, out of her purse she pulled a Buzz Light-year kite! She let me test it out as she did some work.

Buzz Kite worked a lot better!...maybe even better then Owen's rainbow kite.

Kyle managed to crash land the kite into a big puddle of water.

$1 Million Street Competition!!!

The biggest purse in skateboarding competition has ever seen is up to $1 Million!!! Maloof Money Cup has continue produced the biggest prizes for professional street skateboarders. This is the 2nd annual compition coming up this year. The park is designed differently each year, providing the sickest combination of street skateboarding aspects, mimicking famous street spots like flushing meadows. To read the article Click Here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Martin Fobes - California Trip

Martin Fobes (of Jackson, MI), Deezle from Kalamazoo and other great local skaters headed out to California for some skateboarding. Skating many famous spots including the Berrics (not in video) and spots not so famous. Check out my hometown locals:

California Fun from Joel Lytle on Vimeo.

It's a Nice Day for a Bike Ride.

It was a pretty gloomy rainy day here. This was our first day of classes, we wanted to go have some fun, but it was freezing and raining.  Trying to think of what to do, we decided to go for a little bike ride together.

We ended up getting a decent size crew together. Jason Knor in front, Dale Nolan Jr. (me) right behind, Owen Walsh in yellow, and Jessica Pez. behind him. Later Will Galison joined up and Josh Griffin (my roommate) joined in the bike ride.

Jason Knor flipped over his bike completely in the water.

We rode around for a while hopping from puddle to puddle. Then riding back into this little body of water.

After the plunged, we got out of the water to dance away the chills. The water was freezing. When I took a shower I couldn't figure out the temperature of the water, no mater where I put the water temperature it felt like the water was burning me. However it was a great time, and I am completely warm and dry now.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last Day in Jersey

This is my last day in Jersey, I leave tomorrow afternoon sometime. I went skating at about 12:30 until 8:00. I was already worn out from all the skating the past few days, but once I got moving I completely forgot that my muscles were sore. I skated with Pat, Ross, and Mat again, later some other guy showed up to skate with us. I think Pat enjoys shooting photos, so we had some more fun with the lighting, and shot some sequences, doing a little photo shoot at the barn. It was a ton of fun! Here are some of the photos below:

Pat - bs Feeble Grind
Photo: Dale Nolan Jr.

Ross - Poll Jam fs 180 out.
Photo: Pat

Dale Nolan Jr. (me) - Kickflip
Photo: Pat

Dale Nolan Jr. - 360flip
Photo: Pat

Dale Nolan Jr. - 50-50
Photo: Pat

Dale Nolan Jr. - fs Tailslide fs 270 out.
Photo: Pat

I had a little hand touch at the end, but I still made it, not as smoothly as I would like though.