Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Scouts Adventure

We spent the day with a couple old students for one last time before the headed off to Word Of Life Korea Bible Institute, the next day.

They had a little rock climbing wall up the side of the house. For us to start out the day.

Anyone who can ride the Unicycle to the end of the drive way gets a free one. We could barely ride it using the hand rail.
This is a Chinese Cobra and it is poisonous. It was slinking around in the rafters of the house.
We then headed out to the rivers, climbing rocks, jumping off of cliffs and stretching in the water.
After swimming in the river we headed to a old village that I went to a long time ago, but had no idea were I was the first time. Here is an early blog post of this village.

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  1. Yo get Brent W down there to get you a free unicycle!!