Friday, June 3, 2011

Yelio, Taiwan (Weekend Trip Part 3)

The Last day of my weekend we went to Yelio, Taiwan. Yelio is famous for its Harbor and especially for the "Queens Rock". Yelio has many rocks that have formed cool shapes from the deterioration it receives from the ocean winds, etc.

There was plenty of stairs to climb to explore the region. (Photo: Betsy struggling up the stairs.)

In Taiwan girls carry umbrellas because they don't want to tan. They want to have white skin. But America is just the opposite.

I climbed down these ropes from the about the center of the cliff region you see above to the bottom.

Taking some short cuts to get better views. They weren't really short cuts, but you can get places you wouldn't be able to get with a path. (but don't be fooled some short cuts are fakes...)

You almost feel like you are walking on the moon because of the strange rock formations.

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