Sunday, June 12, 2011

Daya, Taiwan

I go to Daya each week to learn Chinese from 7 year old children, however afterwards we went on a little photo tour. Marc our great leader from Daya, drove us around stopping at places so we could get photos and see new places. (photo of Clayton)

How many can you fit on a scooter? actually she has 4. There is a small child standing between her and the handlebars.

We drove up the mountain to reach the temple at the top.
Clayton trying to get the shot he wants.
The Temple had rows of idols lined up along the fence bordering the ridge of the mountain area.
They wouldn't allow us to take any pictures inside - I am not sure for what reasons.

This is a Taiwanese tomb, they don't bury their dead under the ground but instead put them in these tombs.

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