Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Bash Taiwan!

Today was my exciting 22nd birthday. They day before I got my hair cut bringing my age from (looking like) 32 back down to 15 which averages out to about 22 years old over all. The day started out with going to Zhang Hua to see one of our students, Dora get baptized at her church.

After the baptism we all went out to eat and surprised me with a bear or panda birthday cake. Which before the cake came out we ate a 7 course meal. I was pretty full when someone told me that we just got done eating the appetizers.
I wasn't sure if I should be nice or retaliate...I went with the nice option today.
In Taiwan as strange as it might sound to us, for fun they go feed cows. I am not sure all the reasons why, but we did have fun even though it isn't what I would normally think of as fun.

After feeding the cows and eating ice-cream we ran into a guy skating by himself. So I joined him for a bit borrowing his board taking turns and making a new friend. (Photo of the college there)

Later that night after hanging out at the night market, we played the elevator game. 6 of us went to the top floor of a building played some rock, paper, scissors or other style games to determine who gets kicked off of the elevator. Well, I was the first to be booted out on the 21st floor happily taking the stairs all the way to the bottom as fast as I could. While the other guys took the elevator down 3 floors kicked someone else off and so forth.

To see the short video from the elevator game follow this link to my friends blog...Travis' Blog

Thank you for the best and the worst birthday I have ever had in Taiwan!


  1. I love the guys face in the background of the cake smear photo. oh and you should of retaliated its your birthday you can do whatever you please!

  2. haha yea, your right kyle it was my birthday! I can do whatever I want! haha. If only doing whatever I want will work out as good as it did for Owen...