Friday, June 24, 2011

The Best Friend One could have...a Skateboarder

I went to the local skateshop because one of my American friends wanted to get back into skating from his childhood days while he is here with me. So I gave him one of my old decks then he bought the other parts that I didn't have to give him. While there the skateshop owner, who knows very very little English, but I love hanging out with him said "What size shoe are you?" "I am about an 11." Before I knew it he was shoving brand new shoes on both of our feet. The time before that, he gave me a free t-shirt, and every other time he will by me tea or something to drink.

Then after 10min of skating my friend broke his board. Now he was kinda out of money to buy a new board. So I contacted a few skate friends and within a minutes we had a used board in good condition given to us. 

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