Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My istock submission

Recently I have attempted to try to sell some photos on iStock. I have previously attempted to be an approved to sell photos on their site about a year ago, but two times they rejected me. After looking over my work from years before I don't blame them.

After they have accepted me this time. They denied 4 of my photos that I submitted two where because I used not only the English name but because I put the Chinese name along with it. Apparently you only can have 100% english in your description.  Here is the link to the first photo they approved for sale...check it out and give me some tips/ideas. -


  1. PERFECT first shot for stock photography. I think your night shots would work very well too. You have a bunch of work that I would expect some results on up there. You should consider selling on ETSY as well, but there might be a little more leg work involved, I'm not sure you can sell just the download I think you'd be selling a print.

    Smug mug will let you host a site and sell as well but its not free.

  2. Thanks mike, the problem with lots of my nights shots, is that they contain buildings that are recognizable and I don't have the Property Release to sell a photo with there building in it or something like that. Even though it is in the distance. So that is why some of my stuff was rejected.