Saturday, June 11, 2011

$100 (NT) a Day

I have committed to only spending $100 a day for food, that is in Taiwan currency which equals out to about $3.50 (US). So here are some ground rules below.

1. I can only spend $100 each day that is $700 a week.
2. If I spend less then $100 it can carry over. But after a week it resets.
3. If I run out and don't have money for diner I can always eat some Peanut Butter and Jelly at home.
4. If someone buys me a meal it doesn't count against me.
5. The only exception to spending over $100 is if I am with guests, because saving relationships is more important then saving money.
6. This only counts towards food, if I pay for bus fair or anything else it doesn't count against my $100 a day.

Why am I doing this? Well for a few reasons, one is to just manage my money better, I know it isn't much but Taiwan food doesn't cost too much either. Another reason is I think it will be fun, I just want to see if I can survive on that little of amount of money each day to say I did it. So don't pity me it is my choice.

There is 2 other people doing this with me, but I am not sure how serious they are about it.

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