Monday, June 7, 2010

Ukraine Update

Sunday morning I spoke in front of my church for about 15min. to update them on my Ukraine trip. I showed them about 35 photos out of 2,000 and had to leave a lot of stories and missing detail out of it. However it went really well I am told by my parents. They have never seen me so comfortable in front of people like that. It might be because of my more and more involvement of being in front of people. I don't get as nervous as I use to but I am still nervous about it. But a big part of my enjoys it especially when I get to share about a missions trip. After sharing in front of the church body, I left the service with the youth group. We sat in a circle where I shared my testimony, because I was told to, since there was 2 unsaved students in the audience. Then I was able to answer questions about my Ukraine trip, and talk about ministry in general with the students. It was a very good time, profiting for my own experience, and hopefully for them to hear what I had to say too.

I have not really been sure what I am doing next year, I keep searching for different options. One was with a skateboard ministry, another going to different Bible colleges, or interning with Word of Life. I applied for an International Internship Discipleship Program (International IDP). We had many countries we could choose from for where we wanted to go. So I chose almost every country but Africa and Canada, thinking it will increase my chances of being accepted. I ended up talking to them about a bunch of different countries, and ministries I would be involved with there. I ended up limiting it down to France. However the next day, Taiwan became and option. After talking more about Taiwan, I decided that is something that I would love to do. Today I found out that I am accepted for going to Taiwan with Word of Life. I will be needing to raise:
Estimated Amounts needed to raise:  
Set-up = $3,500
(Incl. airfare, visa, language study, travel to NY, etc)
Monthly = $900
(Incl. insurance, food/housing & stipend)
This fall I will start raising the money, studying at Liberty Online, while also starting to learn Mandarin Chinese (it is supposedly the hardest language to learn, but more people speak this language then any other language and they all need the gospel). Please be praying for me, specifically, learning the language, raising the money, to fall in love with the Taiwan people, and be a help/useful while I am over there. I will be there for 2 years, returning Dec. 21st 2012. I will update you further about the ministry as I learn more about it.

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