Friday, June 11, 2010

Skating in Jackson

I went out to Jackson, MI for two days, where I grew up, to do some skateboarding there. I stayed at Trevor's house the whole time. The first day there, we went around doing very mild street skating, then skated the ice rink at Nixon Skatepark. The park only cost $1 but it should be free, they want you to wear a helmet, and the ice rink is really a better park. It has 3 flat bars, and 2 benches, with a mani pad, plus its free and no helmets. I met a lot of guys I haven't seen in a long time that still skate there everyday. Dan was there, and Salty showed up as we were leaving to go grab some food. A ton of guys that I never met before coming up in the new generation of skateboarding. We skated for a while. Salty and Dan are starting up a skateboard company called "Prison City Skateboards" naming it for the reason that Jackson has one of the biggest prisons in America. Later we were just chatting outside the skatepark saying goodbye to a couple guys on our way out. We ended up having an awesome opportunity to talk to them about Christ. The cool thing about skaters is they are the most honest/real people. They don't try to hide anything, they are completely open about how they really feel about things and what they think. They hate christians, because they see a lot of fake people. The cool thing is because we skate they felt completely comfortable talking to Trevor and I. And we were real and honest with them.

The next day Trevor and I got up to session his rail in the morning. We headed over to Nixon to skate some more, a ton of guys came out who I haven't seen in forever. We skated from 4-7. I was landing into kickflip bs crooks, but never landed one. Martin Fobes picked us up to go check out this hand rail in Spring Arbor. We found it and it was beautiful, however it was very intimating. We drove around and found a bunch of little fun spots. Martin has a sick camera that we filmed with. Martin is riding flow for Fallen shoes and for Bones wheels. He put together a little video of our session together. The first gap you see us skate, Martin landed a Lazer flip with a broken board, oh did I mention he fractured his ankle 2 weeks ago. The last gap in the video I almost kickfliped, but I was getting very tired. I came so close, landing on it a couple times but never rode away.

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