Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Emotional Mess"

"Emotional Mess"

If all was emotion
My love would soon forget

Your eyes turned black
In my internal conflict

She would be mine
Not my number one pick

A plastic Monastery
Emptying out my negative fortune

I soon would hate
Before depression

Than a sudden joy
A short laughter

Unsecured reassured security
A thief in the dark

Inside a crying child
Undisciplined foolishness

An emotional mess
Neglect the responsibilities

Uncontrolled feeling controlling
Barbarian rubbished world

Step into role
Base what is unchanging

I get so sick of how people completely base the way they act, and how happy they are, all based on their emotion and how they "feel" at the time sure there is ups and downs in life, but there is a better way to handle it then to let your feelings drive you into the ground. If I lived my life completely based on how I feel at the time I would probably be continually depressed and not nearly as happy as I am. We need to choose to love, choose to be happy, choose to base our choices on something other then emotions. I have seen many people quick school because it was hard for them and they wanted to go home. They completely miss out on the challenges of life, which produce great growth, physical endurance, and spiritual growth. I will be honest I do get sad sometimes, I do get angry, but I can control it and move on. I don't have to live based on emotion because emotions are always up and down, something that is consistent is Jesus Christ. He is never changing he is today what he was yesterday and will be tomorrow. I do know one thing, it could always be worse, but nothing can be better then knowing that Jesus Christ paid the price for my sins, because I will never be good enough before a Holy/Righteous God. And I have security in my eternal salvation.

Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever."

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