Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Update

This summer has been going really well so far. I am Unit Leading on the Ranch, discipling 5 supervisors, and involved in the lives of a hand full of middle/high school students. Part of my job I am required to play paintball, hang out at the beach, climb towers, work a little maintenance and most importantly skateboard. I am able to reach and make great friendships with a group of kids that is hard for a lot of people to reach out too. My boss told me the other day, "Dale, I want you to be skateboarding because you can have a unique ministry in the loves of those kids that we can't have." I didn't argue, but accepted his advice to skateboard. Another part of my job is to be planning/organizing/running different activities for the student workers. We just had a movie night, watching "Facing the Giants".
However one of my favorite parts about my job is that I am required to study the Bible. I get to sit down read God's Word, study it then teach it to my supervisors and at some point preach it. However sometimes my job isn't always fun, I have to discipline and enforce rules. We already had a few problems with kids in the past couple weeks that had to be dealt with. Please be praying for my ministry, for the influence I can have on these kids and the (WOLBI student) supervisors. (Photos are of the STC Office. This is where I spend half of my days, studying scripture and working on other projects, the other half is spent with the workers. All the STC Unit Leader (6) and the Coordinators (2) use this office/lounge.)

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