Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trip to Taipei Part #2

The next day (Saturday) we rode a bus for an hour or more up into the Young Ming Mountain. The first part was very pretty looking, with sidewalks and flowers.

Then we walked down a road that zip zagged back and forth. We took some short cuts through the woods. At one point we took a super long path. They all enjoyed taking breaks on the way up while the Koreans enjoyed listening to music on their walk. I think I was the only one who enjoyed the hike.

When we finally got to the top we arrived at this Hindu Temple playing wonderful sounding music, however it is very evil music. Then if you look the other way there was a nice very of other mountains and the city.

We then went to a field of white lilies. While there we ate at a restaurant. They had this bizarre looking red fish with blue dots all over it. There has been fruit and different kinds of animals I have seen here that I didn't know existed.

Tour Guide Betsy (student) then took us to a hot spring. For some reason I always picture hot springs being like a bath tub in a rock you sit in. However this was more like a hot river.
After a long bus ride back down the mountain, we took a boat across a big river. We rented two seater bikes to ride together, playing rock paper scissors to determine your riding partner.

We found a place with lots of little crabs you can catch. Right away the Korean guys started catching the crabs.

Crab vs Clay

Tour Guide Betsy

The rest of the night we enjoyed our time shopping in the Night Markets having fun.

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