Monday, April 18, 2011

Taiwan Skateboarding

I have been trying to connect with the skateboarding in Taiwan on the weekends. Thought it can be difficult. Friday night I was able to skate to Feng-Chai Night Market, where I was picked up by A-Hon on a scooter, he then drove me almost 30 min. to go skate at a skatepark on the other side of Taichung. We skated from midnight until 3 am.

All weekend I have been trying to connect with more skaters but it is difficult (partly because of language barrier). So Sunday I spent the night skating by myself just exploring Taiwan. I found myself getting caught in a heavy rain at least 30min away from home. I then realized I really don't know how to get home.  Eventually things started to look familiar but I just couldn't figure out where to go. I eventually gave in and tried to ask for directions. Good thing too, because I live in the opposite direction then what I was going.

Today I decided to not go that way again. But the opposite way from my apartment. I have traveled this way a little bit before. So I decided to try to do more exploring. I eventually found a playground with many cool things to skate on. I really wanted to skate, but I know in America if I skateboarded on this stuff I would probably have police telling me to stop or security. So I wasn't going to. However I decided to ask the people in the park if it was ok. Even though their English wasn't very good it sounded like they said it was fine. So I began skateboarding all over on the playground. However instead of people being upset that I was skateboarding I found myself being watched (admired) by a small group of about 5 people in the middle of the night.

Then I heard someone else skateboarding. I then was able to skate with this girl (26 years old) and a guy (27 years old) for a few hours on the flat ground. They asked me to teach them how to ollie better and to show them some things. We exchanged phone numbers in hopes to skate with again together.

(Once again I didn't bring my camera but next time I'll get some pics for you)
(I am really excited to get some cool photos there. I can't wait to show you.)

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