Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My "Hostel" Life - Trip to Taipei Part #1

This past weekend I went to Taipei with about 7 other people. When we arrived we walked down this creepy looking street to the place that we would be sleeping for the weekend. The Hostel cost NT900 ($30 US) for 3 nights. I slept in a room with 10 other complete strangers. However everyone I met there seemed very nice. I got to meet many interesting people.  I was able to practice my Japanese with an older man and also met a really good artist.

The first night there we went out to eat, then back to the Hostel to sleep. But Being in Taipei for the first time keep me very eager to explore my surroundings. So I went out with the 2 Korean guys students to take some pictures and explore the area.

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