Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feng Chia Night Market

Tuesday we had a half day for SYME because of the Tomb-Sweeping Holiday. A large group of us decided to go to the Feng-Chia night market. It is the largest one in Taichung. Many people are crowded here every night.

It almost felt like being at a fair. There was tons of different kinds of food to eat and games to play. Most of our time spent there was eating. I was being offered food constantly throughout the night.

(photo above) A group of us hanging out eating. (photo on left) One of the teachers kids eating giant sized corned dogs.
We all played some basketball arcade game (6 machines in a row). One of the girl teachers was doing insanely good, but then we noticed her machine wasn't working right.
A Student (from Korea) a playing Baseball Game

Eventually the food became a little more interesting starting with having some fried squid.

Taiwan is famous for its "Stinky Tofu". You can smell the horrible stench while walking by places that serves it. Eventually one of the Taiwanese girls convinced us to try it. Thankfully we didn't buy it from the worst smelling stand.


  1. thank you for these photos
    it was a wonderful time for everyone.
    ; ))


  2. for stinky Tofu, the most stinky the best~ =P

  3.'s awesome to see what God is using you for man...keep going!!!!


  4. Thank you so much Tucker! Hope things are going good for you.