Saturday, April 2, 2011

Skateboarding in Taichung

Skate shop logo
I finally made it out to the skate shop to buy a skateboard because my other one got misplaced in Seattle. It was about a 45min walk from where I live however a teacher offered to drop me off there. I had to work through trying to communicate with the workers, who spoke very little English, until I was able to buy all the parts I needed. Skateboards in Taiwan cost NT4,800 which is about $165 US. A little more expensive then what I am use to paying. But they workers were very kind and friendly.

They called a friend of theirs that spoke some English to come talk to me. They then bought me a cold green tea drink and took me skating with them. We skated at a school with very smooth marble floors, with about 10 other skaters. He said that out of the huge city in Taichung there is only about 100 people that skateboard.

Even though I couldn't talk with the other skaters we had a good time. He taught me some words in Chinese that have to do with skateboarding and we also talked about each others beliefs a little bit.

(Sorry I didn't bring my camera to take pictures I wasn't sure the extent of skateboarding we would be doing, but next time I will take some photos to share.)

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