Saturday, April 2, 2011

One Week in Taiwan

This is the street I live on
I have been in Taiwan for a whole week now. The first few days of SYME school (tues.-fri.) was a little confusing but I am starting to understand how the day is run. This first week I was observing other teachers how they taught. Now this next week I will begin teaching a few classes.

I am living with 2 Koreans and 2 Taiwanese guys. When we are in our apartment there is a lot of translating back and forth between us.

Sunday I went to a bilingual church. I had to listen to the preaching being translated through head phones into one ear while listening to the Chinese in the other ear.

Temple located near by
This weekend is Tomb Sweeping Day. It is a national holiday in Taiwan. Many people will go to their dead relatives graves and clean up the area. However they also worship their ancestors and pray to them asking for their blessing.

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