Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Album: Norma Jean - Meridional

I just bought the new Normal Jean album "Meridional" off of itunes for $10 using the itunes gift card I won in the beginning of the summer. Buying the Album off itunes includes 13 tracks with 1 Bonus Track and a digital booklet. Unlike a lot of my favorite bands, Norma Jean doesn't lack what I loved in their previous albums. They still have a very heavy style and the original sound you love, while keeping a unique sound and style from their other songs. The band is actually all involved in the writing of the lyrics, which is very uncommon thing. Instead of just the vocalist or a single writer, the whole band is involved in the care of the direction of the lyrics in every song. In the Song "High Point Low Output" it speaks of "Calling you Out" for you actions, staying accountable. The name of the album "Meridional" was a term that comes from historical astronomy. It used to be on celestial maps, where there are four zones of the earth and the meridional was the southern direction. The idea of the name of the name of the album is if you are going "Meridional" you'd be headed south, or you would be head the wrong direction. Probably one of my favorite tracks on the album would be "A Media Friendly Turn For the Worst" though my ear phones or a little choppy, and don't sound nice and clean anymore I may change my mind if I heard the music through something else.

Norma Jean Lyrics and Explanation

Meridional [+Digital Booklet]

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