Monday, July 12, 2010

Free Deck

I have a friend here at the Ranch with a specific STC'er (named Steve) who is friends with the owner of Enormity Skateboards. He wanted to learn how to skate, so I told him to come out to the park some time and we could skate a little bit. I told him how to ollie and how to drop in. He picked them both up pretty fast. Most nights I stop by his dorm (and others) to hang out with him, talk and get to know they guys, and how things are going in the rooms. He told his friend from Enormity Skateboards that he was starting to learn how to skate and how much fun he was having doing it. His friend sent him up like 3 or 4 boards, with a set of trucks, some wheels, and bearings. In doing so, he gave me one of his Enormity Boards. They are located in Parsipapny, NJ  ( I haven't actually skated it yet, but it looks like it has a nice shape. I don't know why but God continues to provide not only for my needs but provides me with winning/being given shoes(2), trucks, decks(2+).

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  1. Because God is good!
    He knows your heart.