Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BBB Ranch Week

This is the first week of BBB (Bikes Boards and Blades) week at the Ranch Camp. There are about 20ish kids that are attending this year. 3 of the kids have never stepped foot in a skatepark before. This has to be very exciting week for them. Chris Vickery (Word of Life Tech kinda guy), Joel (Professional rider for FBM bikes) and Koza (Bike mechanic), come out every summer to minister to the kids, sharing the love of Christ with them through tricks and bails. We have been having tons of fun with the kids. Chris got me to drop in on a 6ft with his bike, it was one of the scariest things to me. I am so used to have so little metal under me when doing tricks/falling. There are a couple kids here, that no doubt will get really really good if they don't quite.  

...Using skateboarding to reach the young...

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