Monday, July 19, 2010

Light Drawings

I was trying to take some shots last night with the very clear sky. However no landscaping or anything like that was catching my eye or the mood I wanted. I always wanted to try writing words with light. By leaving the Shutter open long enough to draw things, but not fast enough to catch light from my body.

Soccer Player kicking ball into goal.
This was drawn by my self (blue light) and my supervisor, Ben, (white light)

This is not my original idea, I don't know really whose it is, but I do know that Neil Wade does a cool job at this form of art. 

I actually stumbled upon Neil Wade's Blog in a google search for skate spots in Taiwan, for when I go there in January. After checking out his skateboard photos and other photos of Taiwan, I decided to try to contact him. I sent him an email basically saying, that I will be going to Taiwan and was searching for places/people to skate with. He replied to my saying that he would love to have another person to skate with. He will be about 2 hours away from where I am staying. I really hope to get some good tips from him about photography and to have sick places to skate with these guys when I arrive. You might say how can you have someone you are going to meet in taiwan when you have never met them and know nothing about them. It's all because of skateboarding, we have a community that is bonded together around the world.

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