Friday, July 9, 2010

A Hot Day Off

It has been super hot and humid the past week. For my day off, all we wanted to do was to go swimming and cool off all day. We headed to some beach in the Lake George area, were the sand burned our feet to blisters before reaching the water. The park there had some big rock hill formations, that looked fairly smooth. Josh Linglebach and I thought that it would be a good idea to skate on them. Once rolling around on top we noticed how hard it is to skate on a rock, and how many little holes and divots it has. However despite the difficulty and the park employer telling us we aren't allowed to skate in the park, she gave me the permission to take one more try, to land my trick. Below Sequence: Me 50-50 the picnic table crammed in a a indented rock section.

After skating for a little bit we went into town to get some pop-sickles to cool off. First we bought a 12 pack of Orange, there was 4 of us, so we each got 3. We went back to buy a 24 pack, getting 6 pop-sickles each. Left: Me attempting to grind the rail then pop-over into the bank to grass.

All day was just about getting cool. When you would just feel good about your body temperature, you would begin to heat up again. After doing some shopping we stopped at the black hole for some more swimming. And then when we got back to campus we had a beach party with all the camp workers. I did a little tubing then lots of skating that seems to always counteracts with my attempts to cool off.

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