Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bandits and Cowboys

All Photos by Shion
Hami (Hand Gun-less Hami), Me (Dirty Dale), Kyle (Cap Gun Kyle), Don (Stinky Pete 2000)

You can't have a Ranch with Cowboys with out the Bandits to terrorize  the Town of Paradise. Our band of mischief desires one thing and one thing only, to completely ruin the lives of children at the Ranch Camp. We storm into meetings, break up weddings, steal gold and the Marshals horses, and train rob. 
Our life isn't always fun and games though. We are hated and chased by screaming little children who literally want to kill you (kids actually will try to throw rocks at you to hurt you), we are beat by the (program) Cowboys, dunked in freezing cold water. and insulted in every way. All for one thing, to bring happyness to the campers, we sacrifice for the furthering of the gospel.

All this is done, while carefully trying to keep our identity a secret or risk losing all respect and freedom to walk about the Ranch without being miss treated by little children.

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