Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Skating in Jhongli, Taiwan (Weekend Trip Part 1)

This past week we had the possibility of a typhoon hitting Taiwan. Luckily it changed its direction and slightly missed us. However it did bring some rain that effected my weekend slightly. I took the bus to Jhongli (a few hour ride), arriving in a pouring rain. I was picked up by Michael (Canadian) and Anthony (from the Philippines) on scooters. We bundled my board up in a garbage bag and threw on a rain coat on me then took off.

Even though it was raining the whole time Michael took me to some sick spots that the rain couldn't harm. We built this little ramp to help us do some wall rides on this almost straight up and down wall. (photo: Michael - fs wallride) 
The amazing thing about this photo is that, Anthony took the photo of me while also filming at the same time. Michael then hooked me up with a free brand new board.

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