Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trip to Lou Gong 鹿港

A Market in Lou Gong
Teng Hou Gong Temple 天后宮
This weekend I went to Lou Gong 鹿港. This town has many idol shops and temples. It is a harbor town and has many people who use to be sailors and fisherman. So it brought many idols from fear of their husbands or fathers dying at sea.
Korean Josh Shopping

Min Sou Win Gun - 民俗文物館
This town is a historical area with lots of very traditional foods. The building above is a famous place. Some rich guy use to live there. I am not really sure the whole story. ????.

When we arrived the gates were already locked and they wouldn't let us in. Even to take one picture. So I took this picture from outside the gates, but I think this is pretty much the same angle I would have used  if I could have gotten in the gate. However Josh managed to squeeze through the bars for a moment.

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