Monday, May 2, 2011

Trip to Chang Hua (Paper Church - 紙教堂)

This past weekend Dora (SYME Student) invited us to go to her house for the weekend. Her parents own a Health Clinic and allowed us to stay in the apartment there.
On the top floor they have a basket ball court but better yet on the 4th floor is a mini-golfing range. I haven't played golf in a while so I had some fun. With such a small range, it felt like every ball I hit would have went pretty far and straight.

Dora fed us very well with some very tradition Taiwan foods. They feed their guest very well here in Taiwan. I have to be careful or I am going to come back to America fat.

We then went to a place and rode 4 person side-by-side bike things to see many beautiful flowers and eat ice-cream! After our tour of the flowers we walked by a temple that had music playing and some girls dancing/worshiping the god. There are many temples in Taiwan and a lot of people who don't know much about Christ.

Sunday we went to Dora's church and heard one of the SYME teachers preach that morning. Dora translated the whole message from English to Chinese. After church we took the bus to Taomi Li. There are so many beautiful mountains there I really want to go back to just hike for 3 days. 

We first went to a mini-wine museum and then headed over to the Paper Dome. The Paper Dome is a structure built out of paper. The pillars that support the building is all paper and the benches you sit on inside is all made out of paper. There was a bad earthquake in Taiwan 12 years ago. They built this structure in its memory and to advance a new technology in building. There is a lot to say about this subject so if you would like to read more about it click here.
The pillars are made out of paper.

Many people put wishes on the wall or prayers. 
This is a photo I took of the Paper Dome at night

I haven't watched any TV since I came to Taiwan. So for the very first time I was able to watch some Taiwanese tv. Their tv shows are very different from what any American would be interested in watching. However there was many American tv shows also. It felt very strange watching tv shows I have seen but the people have a different voice and speak fluent Mandarine Chinese. We watched some Spongebob and it felt very bazaar because to me his voice sounded very different then the spongebob I know.

It was a great weekend and I can't wait for the next. The Taiwanese are very good tour guides!


  1. Ha, I had to laugh when you said, "I have to be careful or I am going to come back to America fat." Me too. I haven't been so careful... Mexican food is so stinkin' delicious! It's cool to hear about everything goin' on in your life. Although I don't usually comment, I DO try to stay up to date on your posts.

  2. Thank you Dawnell. I enjoy trying to keep up with your post also. You, Camdon, Kyle and I have to all skype again sometime! And yes the food is so very Good.

  3. Dale! You seem like having fun over there :) I miss you and will be praying for you friend!