Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Skating at NTIT College (Taiwan)

 I was Skating at the NTIT College near 一中 (Yi Zhong) Night Market with 4 of my friends there. At one point there was a crowd of at least 10-20 people watching. It was cool feeling having people watch and clap for you when you would land a trick. Complete opposite from the U.S.
Unfortunately the battle became to fierce for me this night. As my elbow swelled up and my legs became weak. I will have to practice my kickflips a little more on something smaller before I return.

(Photos by Travis Geary)


  1. That is so cool,Dale...
    and pretty different feeling,right?
    haha :) Awesome!

  2. Thats sweeet man! Wish i was there skating with you!