Monday, May 16, 2011

Trip to PingTung 屏市

It was a tough decision for me to go to PingTung for the weekend. I had previous plans to go to Taipei 台北 for some skateboarding with a group of guys. However the weather possibly wasn't going to be good. So with a night of sleep and the morning to think about it, I decided to spend the weekend with the Koreans (Josh and Clay) and Joseph (Joseph's Home - PingTung) one last time before the school term was over.

After school ended at 4:30pm, I had to rush to get my things for the weekend together, get a taxi and arrive at the bus station before 5pm for the discounted bus tickets. We arrived at the bus station at 4:57, just barely making the discounted prices. After a couple hour bus ride we arrived in PingTung (Southern part of Taiwan).

Of course with arriving somewhere so late the only thing left to do is to go to the Night Market for some food and fun. The photo to the left is some Pig Intestines that we ate.

Saturday, Joseph normally goes to a temple to share about Jesus Christ, however the night before he was told that the temple no longer will let him preach there. So instead he held a meeting in a different building. In a week his church will preach at 14 different temples (if I remember right). Below is a picture of the temple we went to share about Christ and serve food.

stacks of paper money that they burn to the gods

They will pay anywhere from $10-100 (US) to buy this little box to receive blessings from the gods.
A quick look at a rainy skatepark

Joseph then offered for us to try out his scooter. Josh drove down the road and came back then Joseph took us out on the road. The Koreans on one scooter and Joseph and I on the other, with me driving. I was pretty nervous. But we took it slow and stayed to the side of the road.
Joseph and his dad enjoy golfing so that night that took us out for a few swings on the driving range. I think it was the Koreans first time golfing, I think they learned to enjoy it. 
The Next day we attend church in the morning. Then I drove Joseph's car  to the E-Da shopping center.  It is a 5 story palace of shopping heaven, at least thats what it looks like.

Later that night we rode on the scooters some more and went to the Night Market for some food. I ate catfish to start out. Then we had some Duck Blood (photo to the left). The rest of the night we enjoyed carnival styled games.


  1. I have to remember to not read your blog while pregnant. Pig intestines and duck blood?!?!?! EW! lol.. :)