Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Skyrim Hoarder: Riften Pollution

I began to get tired of the excitement from filling up my house with trash. But still amazed by Skyrim on how I can just leave the items on the floor and it would remember is location. I was exploring how well they did water currents carry items, in the lake of Riften one day. Then I thought, what if I could pollute this whole lake with trash.

As I did trash gathered up on shore over time, however everything that sank stayed in place. The currency are actually awful I realized some rivers currents will go one way and switch to the other way. Usually your items won't get carried down stream very far before runny against the shore all in the same place.

Sadly polluting your environment doesn't effect the fish population or even mutate them in anyway.

Click on the Images to enlarge them.

There is a slight current underwater also, but it doesn't carry the items as well because they are heavy.

This was only the beginning to polluting my entire Skyrim Universe.

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