Friday, March 23, 2012

Friend Day - The End of the Term

SYME Family's mixed with students from other terms
The last day of the first SYME 2012 term is now over. I had an awesome time with the students. They came from many different stages in their life. We had a husband, wife, and their daughter attend together for one month, then the husband continued the second month as the daughter and wife had to go back to other things. One day in one of my classes we I spent the day just answering a bunch of question my students had about the Bible. We discussed many things. Instead of just telling them what I thought the right answers were, I tried to give the references in the Bible that they could then go look at and read for themselves. One girl was hearing voices in her head, after talking to here about it multiple times, she wrote me and one other teacher a note that she no longer hears them anymore. God is doing great things here. Please continue to pray for the ministry.

Friend Day is the Saturday after SYME is over. The students invite their friends and family to come to see how their English has improved, check out the school, and to hear the gospel.

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