Monday, March 12, 2012

Dakeng, Taiwan Monkeys

Today we canceled the English classes and went for a hike in Dakeng. The stairs were horrendous trying to climb. The whole trail you were walking on small logs hoping you won't twist your ankle. I don't think there was one section of the climb where I could step on dirt.

The photo above is where most people decided to give up and turn around. Only 4 of us ended up going to the end. On the way back down we ran into a bunch of monks. On TV they seem all holy and spiritual, but its hard not to laugh when you see them do cute poses for a picture.

Towards the bottom of the hill we ran into a bunch of monkeys making there way across the path. I was able to get so close to them I could touch them if I wanted too. But chose not to out of lack of knowledge of what their reaction might be.

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