Sunday, January 8, 2012

Skyrim Pack Rat

When I began playing Skyrim I realized it was like no other game. I could touch almost any item in the game and take it home with me. As I began wondering through caves unable to leave any items behind constantly being over weight. Traveling long distances through caves walking slower then a snail. I would return home drop the useless items on the ground, sell the ones worth money, and keep 1 of every different kind of item I can find organized in different selves and chest.

 Not before long my home was a disaster, and I thought I like it this way. So after I got over the I can take every single item in the game, I still took as much as I could just so I could trash my home.

(There are ways you can cheat and carry infinite amounts of weight, I did not do that, I carried all these items the way the game was met to be played.)


  1. niiiiiice

    my house is bare and unfurnished with Soul Gems on the floor EVERYWHERE

    looks neat

  2. Yea I did that in another house of mine in Solitude. It is just full of Soul Gems. I should post that one up I suppose.