Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve - Taipei 101 Fireworks (Part 4)

It was a cloudy, cold, rainy day. We arrived at Taipei 101 around time for dinner. After spending some time to eat we walked the rest of the way to Tiger Mountain (Hu Shan). We walked up the mountain around 5:30pm trying to arrive early to get a good spot. Sadly it was already loaded with cameras (Photo below). As I scattered around I finally had to settle with a spot below the deck. I had to pull down some branches and tall grass to keep it out of my photos.

This was one of my test shots for preparing for the New Years Eve excitement. While waiting a long cold 6 hours. We chatted with the other photographers there, took naps and watched different people come and go.

You can view more photos on my flickr page

After the night was over and everyone left, we spent the night in a tent overlooking the city.  I slept very horribly from 1am - 5am being woken up by the chatter of some hikers who wanted to watch the sunrise.

Jake at 5:30 in the morning waiting for a bus

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