Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve (Part 1)

 I spent my friday night up until 5:00am mostly playing computer games, before I hopped on the bus with Jake. After my 3 hour nap, I arrived in Taipei. With little direction to our activities there, we had freedom to just explore.

Our plan was to have a transportation free tour of the city. Everywhere we went we would walk. This really helped me to understand how to get around the city better and also got to see many new places that I wouldn't get to see on a bus or subway.

Total distance walked was about 12.3k according to google, if we walked a pretty straight shot. Also according to google it should have taken us 2 hours and 46 min. to walk that distance without stopping to enjoy everything.

When we first arrived we went to a antique like market, slept out in-front of a technology mall for an hour before they opened (receiving many strange looks), and found this large mall with a ball stinking out the front of the building while also entering into the inside of the building. (photo below)

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